SpoolMaster - A modular system


The SpoolMaster is seperated into modules to provide any possible personal configuration.
You only pay for what you need.

The minimum configuration of the SpoolMaster consists of:

Basis SpoolMaster Basic
Reader Minimum one Reader
Writer Minimum one Writer

Optional you can choose modules form following categories

Reader Reader: read spool files and database content
Writer Writer: output of data in various formats
Processing Processing Module: prepares Spool files and changes data streams
Converter Converter: converts graphic formats
Client Client Module: manages spool files

Module overview

Basis Basis

Basis SpoolMaster Basis The central SpoolMaster processing point.

Client Client

Client Copy Client Copy the content of a file folder.
Client Print Client Support printers which do not support AS/400 data stream.

Converter Converter

Converter Forms & Graphics Create overlays and page segments.
Converter JPG Converter Convert JPG format in PCL or ZPL2.
Converter PCX Converter Convert PCX graphics in PCL or ZPL2.
Converter TIFF Converter Convert TIFF graphics into PCL.

Processing Processing

Processing Conditional & Logical Processing Dynamically designs page layout.
Processing Dynamic Forms Language DFL Define static and dynamic segments of a form.
Processing FAX Interface Forward spool files to fax-systems.
Processing Forms Language FL Create and change elements with a simple form language.
Processing Mail AS/400 Send AS/400 print files via e-mail.
Processing Mail PC-Client Send e-mails form AS/400 via PC-Client.
Processing Segmenter und Distributor Segmentation and distribution of large Spool files.
Processing Visual Forms Language VFL PC Wysiwyg-Editor for form language.

Reader Reader

Reader AFP Reader To accept AFP-Data streams as input.
Reader Data base Reader To accept data base files as input.
Reader Extended SCS Reader For more complex formatting demands.
Reader IPDS Reader To read spool files in the IPDS-Data stream.
Reader Prescribe Reader To convert Prescribe command syntax into a PCL Data stream.
Reader SCS Reader To read standard character based SCS-Data stream.

Writer Writer

Writer Barcode Feature Convert text and numbers to barcode.
Writer DIF Writer Output of spool files into DIF format (e.g. MS Excel)
Writer HTML Writer Convert into HTML data stream
Writer Meto Writer Convert Spools into Meto SP40 data stream
Writer PCL Writer Creates PCL 5 data streams for compatible printer
Writer PDF Writer Convert PCL outputs into PDF documents
Writer Postscript Writer Convert spool files into a postscript level 2 data stream
Writer RTF Writer Convert spool files into rich text format documents
Writer XGF Writer Access to non-volatile memory
Writer Zebra Writer Convert spools into a ZPL2 data stream for Zebra printers