Mirror-inverted printing solution with iSeries/i5

EPMEDIA Europäische Plakat- und Aussenmedien GmbH


This company is Austria’s leading specialist for outdoor advertising. In addition to their nationwide presence in Austria, EPAMEDIA is also one of the major players in central, southern and eastern Europe. The company’s focus is obviously on clients from the advertising industry with projects which include the redesign of public spaces. Their key products are “Bigboards” (large billboard presentations), Vita TV and customized outdoor advertising solutions, such as back lighted poster campaigns named “Poster Lights” and “City Lights”.

EPAMEDIA’s requirements

This company was looking for an iSeries/i5 based solution to print mirror inverted barcodes on adhesive foils. These barcodes are used on the inside of backlighted glassframes for Citylight poster campaigns. Attaching the foil to each individual frame enables the company’s service staff to identify each specific frame and verify its location. All data collected through this identification process are the basis for company internal service verifications. This data analysis can also be used for clients to check in on running Citylight campaigns.

The solution – Spoolmaster 5.1

Spoolmaster is the leading output management software for iSeries/i5, providing printing solutions similar to PC prints without outdated continous forms or resulting damaged perforations. Graphics, as well as logos and signatures can be easily integrated in all print jobs. One of the key features of Spoolmaster is the “RTF Writer” module with which spools can be reworked like a Word document. Another important feature is the “PDF Writer” module to convert spools into PDF documents. To send these PDF documents attached to e-mails, Spoolmaster provides the “iSeries/i5 Mail” module.

The “TIFF Writer” was the determining module for EPAMEDIA’s solution, which converts iSeries/i5 generated barcodes to TIFF files while simultaneously inverting these barcodes. In addition to converting the barcodes, Spoolmaster 5.1 provides instant archiving in TIFF or PDFA format. The final print job of these mirror inverted barcode graphics on transparent foil can be handled by the company’s existing PCL laser printers.


EPAMEDIA has been working successfully with previous versions of Spoolmaster. Therefore upgrading to the 5.1 version was a clear and uncomplicated solution for their new additional requirements. For installation of the new version of Spoolmaster it is not necessary to adjust any of the existing programs - this application can be integrated very easily in all existing systems. Spoolmaster’s VFL module even provides a clearly structured user interface to create these barcodes on PC.


EPMEDIA Europäische Plakat- und Aussenmedien GmbH



The main requirement was to print mirror-inverted barcode foils and to integrate SpoolMaster 5.1 into the existing systems.


Output-Management-System SpoolMaster 5.1


Planning and implementation of the solution


Creating mirror-inverted barcodes with  iSeries/i5 and Barcode printing on PCL Laserprinters