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Giesswein Walkwaren AG

About the correct handling of boiled wool and printout:

Giesswein attach great importance to printing comfort

Giesswein Walkwaren AG

Giesswein is Austria's largest wool processing company: Having started with small knittings for private customers five decades ago, the company now handles orders of the value of some millions of Euros per year. The approx. 240 employees process about 540 tons of wool every year.

With pioneering spirit and a feeling for tradition, Giesswein has created a small empire: the company enjoys world-wide reputation with its walk goods, with an assortment varying from women’s, men’s and children's wear as well as slippers. Giesswein’s famous material is made out of pure new wool in a special production process. 85 per cent of the products are exported. Main export countries are Germany and Italy, followed by the US, France, Spain, Russia and Asia. Giesswein runs sales subsidiaries in New York, Paris, Verona and Madrid. The application programs for managing and supporting the business processes run on the system IBM AS/400 iSeries.

The Challenge

The application programs and ERP software for the system AS/400 iSeries become more and more efficient. But let the applications perfectly be tailored to the requirements - as soon as the data is to be distributed or published, the printout comfort ends.

Klaus Ebster, head of the IT department at Giesswein AG in Brixlegg/Tyrol, dimly remembers the times when print output was still related with high efforts in procurement, storing and work done by hand: "Different forms had to be designed and created for the printer which needed to be fed with continuous paper; furthermore, it had to be made sure that sufficient inventories of all forms were available; necessary changes in forms were made dependent on existing inventories; and finally, changing the forms manually caused considerable operating expense." That is why a new solution had to meet the following requirements: easy-to-use printer handling, simple creation of the forms and their layout, conversion of AS/400 data streams into modern formats such as HTML and PDF. However, this solution should be realized without any modifications in the business applications.

The Project

Not only a new laser printer was installed by Viennese ROHA Software Support GmbH, but also the output management system SpoolMaster. "Within a few days all required forms with the perfect layout were programmed and the software went live," reports the IT manager. Today, plain paper is used to print the forms, instead of having different forms in store: SpoolMaster just prints the form which is easily and fast created as an overlay. Therefore, storekeeping is not necessary anymore, the printer runs without operator interventions; changes in forms concerning telephone or fax numbers, e-Mail addresses or the logo are done by a click of the mouse and thus mean no additional overheads at the print. The information output to other media also runs smoothly, for example publishing statistics as HTML on the Internet directly out of the AS/400 system. And all this without any interventions in the ERP application software.

The Benefit

For a clothes manufacturer such as Giesswein an attractive presentation is essential - also in the print output, that is regarding forms, letters and product information etc.. With SpoolMaster the Tyrolean company can make use of all advantages modern laser printers offer and can arrange printouts creatively: forms, letters and mailings with company logos and original signatures, tables, reports and balance sheets with professional graphics; product information with illustrations, price lists, order forms with barcodes, labels for the commission work, product labels with illustrations. The output of SpoolMaster is not limited to printers of different manufacturers, but also offers the possibility to transfer the spoolfiles to different PC applications such as MS Office, fax applications, e-Mail systems, web sites or archiving systems.

The ability of SpoolMaster to convert AS/400 spoolfiles into other formats is used by Giesswein to make statistics available for sales representatives: as HTML file on the Internet. They thus save printing and distributing this information.

Klaus Ebster summarizes his experience with the output management system in one sentence: "Meanwhile, the employees can not imagine a print output without SpoolMaster any more."


Giesswein Walkwaren AG



Project goal: The simple handling of the spool print with well designed layout from AS/400 as well as the spool output in modern file formats.