BA-CA builds with integrated Output Management

Bank Austria Creditanstalt Leasing GmbH

Free choice in mass printing

Bank Austria Creditanstalt Leasing GmbH

The Bank Austria Creditanstalt Leasing GmbH, wholly owned subsidiary of the Bank Austria Creditanstalt and member of the HVB Group, was founded in 1963. With about 980 employees and a broad network of subsidiaries as well as long-time experience it is one of the leading leasing providers in central Europe. In the sector of real estate the range of products includes customized financing, and extra services such as project development, consulting, construction management, utilization or administration.
Besides real estate financing the Ba-Ca Leasing also offers customized financing plans for product leasing, vehicle leasing, cross-border and vendor leasing, municipal leasing including complementary services such as fleet management, insurance services or construction management. The business fields also include project and individual financing as well as structured lease finance. Among the customers are international groups such as Tibett&Britten, Tchibo, BMW, Renault or General Electric.
In the year 2002 Austria’s biggest leasing provider achieved a new business volume of Euro 1.74 million and a European total leasing volume of Euro 5 billion representing a market share of 24.7% (incl. cross-border).

The challenge

The IT department at Ba-Ca Leasing was looking for a new software solution for mass printing: the leasing installments out of the leasing application, which runs on the IBM AS/400 iSeries, should no longer be printed on matrix printers. An efficient solution was needed in order to avoid the high expenses for endless forms as well as the considerable costs for the cutting of those forms and eventual changes of the forms layout. Eventually an integrated output management system was found which allows the leasing provider to output its mass printing on any network printer with single sheet feeder.
The age of the matrix printers is well and lively remembered at the Viennese headquarters of the Bank Austria Creditanstalt Leasing. Until 1997 the IBM printers were in use for any printing out of the running leasing application. Finally the decision fell to optimize mass printing out of the AS/400: the stock-keeping of the expensive endless forms had to come to an end. What was therefore needed was a solution that could output the printouts directly from the AS/400 on laser printers with single sheet feeder. .

The project

Now it was clear that all matrix printers were to be replaced by laser printers. But also the electronic forms on the AS/400 were needed to be easily adaptable if changes of the company data or forms layout were required.
The output management system SpoolMaster met these demands perfectly. Running exclusively on the system IBM AS/400 iSeries this software is marked by its high stability and availability. Today SpoolMaster handles the entire print output of the departments contract management, accounting und payroll accounting. The spools of the AS/400 applications are read in and preprocessed so that they can be printed out of the LAN as PCL data streams on any standard printer and are available as PDF files for e-mail dispatch.

The benefit

Ing. Herbert Schweinberger, IT department at Ba-Ca Leasing, is greatly satisfied: "Our most used functionalities at the moment are the printing of graphics and copies." He also mentions the high acceptance among the users. And the expenses for licensing, maintenance and training were well invested: "We’re saving money three ways: through the abolition of the expensive endless forms, no longer required leadtime and expenditures of the supplier for the forms creation and the omission of the costs for the cutting of the endless forms. All matrix printers have in the meantime been removed and concerning the purchase of new printers we can choose independently on the product market " SpoolMaster outputs the printer standard PCL out of our AS/400. In addition we now have to spend considerably less on accessories as ink ribbons and print heads are no longer necessary. To sum it up: with the network printers we have accomplished the transition from central printing to distributed printing."


Bank Austria Creditanstalt Leasing GmbH



The goal was to change over from centralised to decentralised printing as well as changing over from matrix to laser printer.