references 1: Mirror-inverted printing solution with iSeries/i5

EPMEDIA Europäische Plakat- und Aussenmedien GmbH

The main requirement was to print mirror-inverted barcode foils and to integrate SpoolMaster 5.1 into the existing systems.

references 2: Pharmacy Publisher prints mirror image

Österreichischer Apotheker-Verlag

The goal was to transfer product information from the AS/400 into a file directory as well as to print a mirror image on transparent plastic to save fixed costs.

references 3: Masterfoods Austria which is using the successful recipe. SpoolMaster.

Master Foods Austria OHG

Aim of the project was the flexible and cost effective use of Xerox-PCL-Printer straight out of the AS/400. Further factors: Spool processing, output of spools as PDF, easy to edit forms and the linking of the AS/400 with a fax.

references 4: Giesswein Walkwaren AG – The original.

Giesswein Walkwaren AG

Project goal: The simple handling of the spool print with well designed layout from AS/400 as well as the spool output in modern file formats.

references 5: BA-CA builds with integrated Output Management

Bank Austria Creditanstalt Leasing GmbH

The goal was to change over from centralised to decentralised printing as well as changing over from matrix to laser printer.

references 6: Markant spools 42.000 documents daily

Markant Handels und Service GmbH

The Goal was a comprehensive integrated output management including merging of various documents and  systems into one spool file. As well as to guarantee the independence of printer types for centralized and decentralized printing.