SpoolMaster for AS/400 (system i)

SpoolMaster is THE AS/400 solution to:

  • reduce printing costs
  • create and archive up to date printouts
  • create PDF files
  • incorporate legally compliant signatures
  • send spooled files per e-mail
  • replace expensive AFP-printers, and much more


Signing, sendind per e-mail, archiving – ready!

20. July 2006
SpoolMaster dispatches your documents VALIDLY by e-mail! The output specialist ROHA extends his SpoolMaster by the module "digital signature". With this module it is possible to provide documents - as for example invoices - with a digital signature and to dispatch VALIDLY as a PDF by e-mail - this saves time and costs.

Unbreakable Label from AS/400 iSeries

25. August 2004
The output specialist ROHA is expanding the SpoolMaster Barcode Feature with the Date Matrix Code:
From now on the user can print the two dimensional Code from the AS/400 on every standard printer.
Which means a high memory capacity and less fault tolerance in damaging the Matrix Code.

When using SpoolMaster to print the barcode on labels no new hardware is needed...

Special data formats PCL printers

01. June 2004
The Output Specialist ROHA allows all iSeries user to print their Prescribe-Spool without buying new hardware on any standard printer.
The iSeries Software SpoolMaster converts the Kyocera-specific data stream to PCL or Postscript...

Spools for Logistics

08. April 2004
The Output Specialist ROHA offers label printing directly from AS/400 iSeries,
From now on the SpoolMaster software also converts Spools into data streams for Zebra and Meto printer. This enables the user to print labels in various sizes and quantities directly with these fast and durable printers.

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