Normal AS/400 workflow without SpoolMaster:


1. The Software creates spool files which are saved into a OUTQ
2. A printer processes the spool files within the OUTQ one after the other
3. The result is an unformatted output

Work flow with the SpoolMaster


1. Software and programs create spool files which are saved into a OUTQ 
2. The SpoolMaster runs in the background and controls the OUTQ
3. The SpoolMaster checks the spool files for predefined parameters
4. For each spool file (or group of files) a certain process can be defined
5. the processed data stream is then sent back to the OUTQ
6. A formatted print is generated
7. The data is prepared for and sent to all selected output media 

If set, the SpoolMaster is also able to ignore spool files (figure 2a)

SpoolMaster necessarily does not need to be used for output of data only. It also is ideal for deleting, copying, distributing and processing of spool files.