1. Because of the fast and simple integration of SpoolMaster into running ERP systems, ROHA addresses all medium-sized companies which have to process and distribute spools out of their inventory management system, financial accountancy, stock keeping etc. The solution aims at an easy and cost-efficient high-quality output and processing of data, on paper as well as for e-business.
  2. SpoolMaster enables the user to output spools from the AS/400 iSeries at every location and on every printer as well as in different file formats. Not only is the IT department relieved, but with the new interactive version of the output management system every user can determine the way of his spools without complicated commands, even for fax and e-mail. In addition, creating or changing forms in-house is possible so that stock keeping or the distribution of pre-printed forms become redundant. ROHA also provides standard forms by e-mail.
  3. All PCL-printers can be used. You only need to install SpoolMaster on the AS/400, there is no need for any additional software products. You need not define any print servers etc.
  4. The Tobit-FaxWare can be addressed independently from the installed software platform (Novell or MS Windows) in another way. SpoolMaster provides a PCL data stream for a Tobit-PCL-import-directory and thus the data is being processed by Tobit.
  5. As of version SpoolMaster 5.0, SpoolMaster recognizes automatically within a spool file whether the form or the graphic has already been sent to the printer and if so, SpoolMaster will not send it a second time.
  6. A. SpoolMaster module Mail AS/400
    SpoolMaster Mail AS/400 sends e-mail including forms directly from the AS/400 iSeries. This allows the users to send their spools including the merged electronic form via SMTP protocol in a less time-consuming and less expensive way. In order to send e-mail directly from the AS/400, SpoolMaster just needs a TCP/IP connection to the mail server.

    As an attachment you can send all data steams created by SpoolMaster. Addressee, CC, BCC, concern and text of the e-mail can either be extracted dynamically out of the spool text or be entered manually. Altogether, the user can enter up to 25 addressees and plus 25 CC and 25 additional BCC addressees. The address of the sender can be made dependent of the spool file or defined as fix. SpoolMaster also sends fully automatic mass e-mail or periodic e-mail directly from the AS/400.

    B. SpoolMaster module Mail PC-Client
    The module SpoolMaster Mail PC-Client enables you to send e-mail from the AS/400 via a PC client which is communicating with the mail server via a MAPI interface. In this way the AS/400 needs not be connected with the mail server. As an attachment you can send all data streams created by SpoolMaster. Once having defined the mail client on the PC you can send spools automatically from the AS/400 via this mail client. SpoolMaster also sends fully automatic mass e-mail or periodic e-mail via the mail client. Addressee and texts of the e-mail can either be extracted automatically out of the spool text or be entered manually.
  7. With the module SpoolMaster Segmenter & Distributor you can split a spool file according to certain criteria. After this segmentation you will have one spool file for each criterion, which can be selected independently from each other for e-mail dispatch.
  8. Yes, with the help of SpoolMaster you can create PDF documents out of spool files. SpoolMaster supports all formatting information in the same way when printing on paper, so you will get a PDF file similar to the original. Moreover, SpoolMaster can embed font types into the document.
  9. This is either done on the AS/400 or on the printer.
  10. Existing forms which have been created primarily on basis of a PC application (no matter which) will be made available on the AS/400 by to the module SpoolMaster Forms & Graphics. That means: SpoolMaster converts the forms or graphics and logos and then dynamically integrates them as static overlays or page segments.
  11. Yes, SpoolMaster converts forms from any PC application, e.g. PDF documents, and makes them available on the AS/400.
  12. SpoolMaster makes the creation and change of forms on the AS/400 fast and easy: With SpoolMaster Forms Language FL boxes, lines and texts as well as logos or graphics can be easily positioned. The version SpoolMaster 5.0 now makes the positioning of objects intuitive as decimal places of start and end position of objects are accepted - you need not calculate the length or the size of boxes, lines etc.. The AS/400 user can also layout the page per mouse pointer when using the graphical user interface of Visual Forms Language VFL. This makes the design of new print types or changes in existing pages child's play. The new Dynamic Forms Language DFL makes it possible to define not only static but also dynamic segments of a form in the form itself. This means that not only fix parts such as borders or lines can be defined in the form, but also those parts which are to be filled in depending on the spool content.
  13. Yes, there are user exits for the spool file pre-processing as well as on line level (logical processing). SpoolMaster is being delivered with example sources of these programs.
  14. SpoolMaster runs on OS/400 Version 4.2 or higher, we recommend OS/400 4.4. You need at least an AS/400 iSeries 150.