Reference 2: Modern Prints in your CD

07. January 2016

spoolmaster The SpoolMaster is a cost effective and easy solution.

Simple solution:

As already explained in scenario 1 you need the right reader to interpret and the according writer to print the data stream.

To layout the prints with your corporate design you need the processing module "Forms & Graphics".
This module converts and transmits your designs e.g. Photoshop or Freehand layouts.

As an alternative you can also create layouts with the "Forms Language" processing Module on AS/400 Basis or with the "Visual Forms Language" Processing module on PC Basis.

Configuration example:

basis SpoolMaster - Basis Modul
reader SCS-Reader Modul
writer PCL-Writer Modul

as well as one of the Processing Modules:

processing Forms & Graphics
processing Forms Language
processing Visual Forms Language