Modernization and progress are tradition at ROHA

23. July 2017

<< Only those who value the  feedback of their customers and keep attention to their needs are able to establish a solid long-term position in the IT sector. >>  Wolfgang M. Roser, owner and manager of ROHA Software Support GmbH

ROHA celebrates its 20th company anniversary: 20 years of output management. These years, among other things, consist of sharing experience with customers and partners, the close contact to customers and to incorporate the collected knowledge into SpoolMaster constantly. 20 years are enough to revel in memories:

“20 years ago we bought SpoolMaster from a small company on the brink to bankruptcy and modernized it entirely. Since then we push the development and marketing for the powerful output management solution. It started with 25 Installations and over the years we reached more than 700”, says Wolfgang M. Roser, ROHA owner & manager.
Aside from the headquarters in Vienna, there is a subsidiary in Bad Honnef near Bonn. The Vienna software developer cooperates with more than 52 retailing partners, so customer service and first class support can be ensured.

A companies size doesn’t matter for SpoolMaster, just the amount of printouts does. The smallest customer only uses one single printer, while the biggest make use of no less than 3000 printers. Additionally to immense potential for savings and a tailored functionality ROHA provides high service orientation and longstanding experience regarding the ever growing output-flood. Apart from customer requirements or technical changes, law also creates new challenges every now and then, because of this various SpoolMaster modules came into being over the years. The development never really stops.

“The constant examination of output management as well as the permanent sharing of experience with customers and partners are tradition in our company. The collected knowledge constantly flows into SpoolMaster development”, chief developer Herbert Pfeifer explains.

In the course of the last year several new SpoolMaster modules were released, for example the ESC/POS Writer for receipt printers: SpoolMaster not only supports the output of texts on ESC/POS printers but is also able to create legally compliant QR-Codes (This module was created in response to the new cash register act, which is effective since April 1st, 2017 in Austria, and supplements perfectly with the new RKS-Module (cash register signature) from WMR, Wolfgang M. Roser Software-Support GmbH).

SpoolMaster can be tested for 30 days totally free and noncommittal. You are able to experience SpoolMaster live:

  • Download the trial version at www.spoolmaster.info or
  • write to info@roha.at or
  • call +43 1 419 67 00 or
  • visit ROHA at POW3R in Munich through the 13th to 14th November 2017.

(Translated excerpt from NEWSolutions Nr. 3-2017, Page 18+19)