SpoolMaster modules "Segmenter & Distributor"

17. July 2017

The AS/400 is built for processing huge amounts of data. That’s the reason why a lot of the time applications put a huge number of documents into a single spooled file, like all invoices of a whole invoice run.

In case you want to create PDF documents to archive or send them you’ll need individual documents or sometimes modern printers work more efficiently if print jobs are separated into small chunks.

That’s exactly what the SpoolMaster Segmenter is made for.
Long story short: It divides huge spooled files into smaller ones. As always the functionality is huge but handling it is really simple.
Either the segmentation happens when certain text is found (e.g. “Page 1”) or by defining certain areas within the spooled file for a group change (like invoice or customer number).
If that’s not satisfying there is also the option to utilize the userexit to manipulate the spooled file for a fitting segmentation.

Beyond that there are more options, like sorting and distributing the segments to various output queues, which you can read about in our manual.

Did you know you can test all SpoolMaster modules for 30 days for free?
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