Why SpoolMaster is so much more than just reducing your printing cost

21. July 2016

>> Always providing the right tools, that’s what Wolfgang M. Roser (Founder and owner of ROHA Software Support GmbH) takes as a personal task. >>

SpoolMaster not only reduces printing cost, it transforms all output into a modern form.

Corporate Design specifications can be implemented comfortably.
Creating printouts is the same as it is on PC, embed graphics, logos or signatures into your output and never get annoyed by bad layouts again. Additionally all data can be processed further just as needed.
The possibilities offered by this range from PC applications like Microsoft Office over fax applications, e-mail systems and websites to archive systems. One of the many advantages is that existing applications do not have to be changed at all. Installation and configuration can be completed in a short time, while applications that are in use are not affected by this process, which saves time and therefore money.
SpoolMaster perfectly fits into existing structures and provides a simple graphical interface for users to create and edit forms. The user-friendly interface requires only little time to train personnel. The modular composition of SpoolMaster allows companies to keep the asset cost low but still provides the functionality to add features that might become necessary in the future.

SpoolMaster is separated into modules that enables customers to create their own individual setup based on their needs, so you only pay for what you actually need at any given time and avoid to load it with a multitude of features that slumber unused inside expensive software.

The heart of the output management solution is the base feature. It contains all central features that are used by input, output and edit modules and thus is the prerequisite for every installation.

The core of the base feature is the process control, which intervenes in the print processing of the AS/400. The process control reacts automatically to spooled files and identifies these via their attributes or the text within.

Furthermore, depending on the individual configuration, there are more features available:
SpoolMaster commands to format printouts and create digital documents, common OS/400 commands to change or move spooled files, sending messages etc.

It’s even possible to create your own functions which alter the data in a way that isn’t already possible by existing commands. The process control makes sure that users or admins can use spool processing as they are used to do – without the need to be aware of the fact that SpoolMaster does its magic and reliably completes all previously defined tasks.
More and more companies realise the substantial possible savings in output management that lie waste, they decide on more economic print processing. Once you simplify this processing you not only reduce print and paper costs, but also release valuable resources in time and personal management.

(Text translated from Midrange Magazine 08/2016, Page 36)

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