The SpoolMaster base feature - simple and short:

07. June 2016

The core functionality of SpoolMaster is the process control. It allows SpoolMaster to intervene in the print processing of the AS/400. The process control automatically reacts to spooled files and identifies them via their file attributes or the text they contain. It then reads the spooled file data and creates outputs according to the configured commands: for printing, emailing, archiving; with overlays, graphics, barcodes, etc.

The process control also ensures that users and admins can use the regular spool processing provided by the AS/400 like they are used to.

The base feature also contains the solutions to essential tasks regarding printing or creating digital documents like PDF:

  • Automatically fit the output to page and paper size
  • Digital forms on front and backside.
  • Access to paper and output trays.
  • Collated and noncollated copies.
  • Embed graphics like signatures and logos.
  • Embed all common barcodes from Code128 to QR-Code.
  • Printing on both sides for book or folderbinding (Duplex and Duplex Tumble).
  • Several downscaled pages on a single physical page (Multi-up).
  • Etc.
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