Digital invoice exchange with ZUGFeRD & SpoolMaster

31. March 2015

What does ZUGFeRD mean?

It’s short for “Zentraler User Guideline des Forums elektronische Rechnung Deutschland” (Central user guideline of the forum digital invoice Germany). The forum developed a comprehensive format for digital invoices, which can be used by companies, public authorities and customers and allows the exchange of structured data between the invoicing party and the invoice recipient.

What’s the new SpoolMaster module “ZUGFeRD”?

We have implemented the ZUGFeRD specifications into our output all-rounder SpoolMaster, so our customers are able to automatically process their invoices in accordance with the ZUGFeRD format. A ZUGFeRD invoice consists of a visual presentation of the invoice, shown in a PDF/A-3 file, as well as the invoice details structured and automatically readable in a data record within an attached XML file embedded in the PDF file.



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