New version: Spoolmaster 5.1 released!

04. June 2008
The new PDF/A module provides an easy and care free archiving for all your documents while keeping all specific resources (like fonts) intact. Spoolmaster converts the entire document to  PDF/A, conserving all individual properties of your documents  while providing more flexibility for handling spools.

Also new: The new TIFF Writer module converts any output to TIFF graphics. Just like with the PCL Output, all created designs are converted – forms, barcodes, spreadsheets and many more.

Besides useful additions for archiving and substantial improvements in sequencing, Spoolmaster 5.1 also includes VFL.NET – a new version of the “Visual Forms Language” feature. Developed specifically for Spoolmaster 5.1, VFL.NET’s new and more intuitive graphic user interface enables you to create forms directly on PC. Even during the creation of the form, the spool is already displayed on your PC, enabling you to work on the file in the spool display.

Good news for Spoolmaster 4.x users:

As with all previous updates, Spoolmaster 5.1 provides an intelligent upgrade procedure to integrate forms and configurations from the existing Spoolmaster 4.x Version – including the PCL paper tray manager.

 SpoolMaster 5.1 Release Letter Download (pdf)

 Installing SpoolMater 5.1 Download (pdf)

 Upgrade from Version 4.x to SpoolMater 5.1 Upgrade Download (pdf)

 Installing PTFs and Hotfixes Download (pdf)

The key innovations for Spoolmaster 5.1 – most of them are delivered by PTF 1.00 for SPM 5.1:
  1. New sequencing – please read the documentation for PTF 1.00
  2. New system to install and uninstall PTFs and Hotfixes
  3. New format PDF/A for archiving
  4. New format TIFF and IEM (for Lexmark needleprinter)
  5. Closed IPDS/AFP reader
  6. New fontmanagement to enable configuration of font preferences for various data streams
  7. PDF output: option to create smaller documents by importing graphics only once
  8. PDF output: option to choose a user password for the PRTSPLFPCL command, to encrypt documents
  9. New DFL command BARCODE instead of CHGSPLTXT TYPE(*BC)
  10. Improved options to migrate previous processing methods from SPM 4.x by emulation
  11. Extensive improvement of the prescribe reader
  12. Clear overview for all command parameter – all options “TOFLR” and “TODOC” have been deleted and replaced by TODIR and TOOB
  13. Improved handling of Spoolmaster Forms & Graphics by filing PCL forms in IFS
  14. Improved processing of Office/400 (“extended SCS reader)
  15. New commands SAVSPMCFG and RSTSPMCFG to save and restore entire Spoolmaster configurations