Top grades for Spoolmaster

22. May 2007

Intuitive handling replaces extensive coaching
Many clients commended Spoolmasters user friendliness as one of the most important features, as only 40% of all users requested coaching support of tutorials for this software.

The main reason for this result
According to Wolfgang M. Roser, CEO of ROHA Software GmbH, the survey was launched for a very good reason:

“We invited our clients to take part in our online survey, to further improve our service and understand our clients individual requirements. Our clients are entitled to the best possible service, and we always here to provide it.”

Accepting the challenge

“The result of our survey showed us that we are on the right track. But this does not mean that we will rest on our laurels. We will always accept the challenge to further improve our service and provide even more intelligent solutions for our clients.”

Congratulations to our winners
At this point we want to congratulate all our winners from our survey competition!


“We were very happy about the feedback we received. This feedback will fuel our ambition for even better innovations in the future. Thanks to all our clients who contributed to the survey.”

Wolfgang M. Roser

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