COMMON IT Networking Event at the Moulin Rouge in Vienna

11. May 2007
This year the IT Networking Party took its guests on a culinary journey around the world, headlined by the motto “IT meets Gourmet”. The Buffet started the journey in alphabetical order with A for asian specialties, traveling to O for “Österreich”, providing traditional Austrian food. Stopping over at Mediterranean cuisine, the journey ended with various sweets around the chocolate fountain.

Team ROHA provided entertainment for guests waiting in line at the reception. A redesigned AS/400 invited guests to fish for “a piece of the AS/400 soul”. For successful attempts to fish for the soul, guests received a nicely packaged Spoolmaster lighter.

Yet the buffet and the ROHA installation were not the only attractions at the Moulin Rouge this evening. After a short speech by COMMON president Alexander Schäfer the Millenium Dancer girls added their own spicy flavor to this evening. DJ Sasha provided equally spicy tunes to the show and continued his DJ set after the dance show until the early morning.

The event was a big hit with all guest, providing IT networking for all senses. Take at a look at some of the party pictures or simply join us at next year’s COMMON IT Networking event:

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