Signing, sendind per e-mail, archiving – ready!

20. July 2006

The SpoolMaster signs invoices in PDF format validly dispatches them by e-mail and puts it into archives. Automatic provided labels keeps the archiv tight and lightly discoverable.

Your benefit: Save high postage and manipulation costs.

If there is no email address for your recipient in the system or he does not agree with digital signed invoices sent by email the delivery occurs by fax resp. printing will be done as usual.

The process is conceivable simple:

    1. SpoolMaster generates a PDF and places it in a directory.

    2. The user marks in the beginning on his AS/400 connected pc all the documents that should be signed.

    3. After that the user will type in the key of his signature card whereupon all labeled documents will be signed an stored into another directory.

    4. The documents from the generated directory  will be dispatched by SpoolMaster Delayed job as PDF by email or archived – according  your pre selected definitions. The SpoolMaster Delayed-Job observes the directory  autonomous so there will be no more time exposure to you.

Important: SpoolMaster will not be affected during this process and will work reliably as always.

As a SpoolMaster customer you don’t have to purchase the signature module do use it. ROHA offers the signatures also in pre defined amounts in form of an USB Token with e.g. 1.000 signatures. If they are spent you can recharge your USB-Token at any time.

In comparison for a dispatch by post or fax not only the paper and treatment expenditure are cancelled with the " ACE / 400 outputs by e-mail " in addition you save the costs for longer fax-transfers.

You only have to provide a signature card with a valid signature an a card reader. Everything else will be handled by SpollMaster.