Special data formats PCL printers

01. June 2004
Special data formats PCL printers

The Output Specialist ROHA allows all iSeries user to print their Prescribe-Spool without buying new hardware on any standard printer.
The iSeries Software SpoolMaster converts the Kyocera-specific data stream to PCL or Postscript


Another common technique to print text and graphics out of the character based AS/400 is via the Prescribe-Language.
For example printers use the Kyocera-Print stream to print order forms from the iSeries or
banks use Prescribe to print depot curves with AS/400.
Instead of purchasing expensive hardware,  user now are able to print Prescribe-Data with SpoolMaster on PCL printer and convert them into PDF documents.
This offers a flexible and expandable solution.

SpoolMaster converts the Prescribe Command Structures into a PCL Data stream.
Which means that the Prescribe Macros with or without variable parameters are converted into PCL during the runtime of the program.

ROHA´s standard module covers a wide range of functions. Individual settings can be easily made by the user.
Convertible for all media
After converting from Prescribe into PCL or Postscript the user has all options he used to have within the SpoolMaster.
Which means all AS/400 data streams as well as AS/400 Data base files can be processed and printed on any standard printer in the network.
SpoolMaster can also export to all common formats like HTML, PDF, DIF, TXT or RTF.  This way data can be used in various media without losing information. For example for websites, e-mail, fax, sending SMS via handy, printing or exporting tables into a data base.
This enables the use of Output Management across all business units.
From financial accounting to the logistic department SpoolMaster takes care of the information distribution and  prints.

Apart from that, companies in any industry can benefit directly from the AS/400 iSeries electronic form.
It makes it easy to transfer data and to edit content to provide a uniform design.

Depending on the used parameters the spools are assembled automatically, sorted or fragmented to be sent via the electronic form to the output media in the target department.
All processes run on AS/400 iSeries and the original Spools stay unchanged.