Unbreakable Label from AS/400 iSeries

25. August 2004

Use any standard printer to print the Data Matrix Barcode with SpoolMaster

The output specialist ROHA is expanding the SpoolMaster Barcode Feature with the Date Matrix Code:
From now on the user can print the two dimensional Code from the AS/400 with every standard printer.
Which means a high memory capacity and less fault tolerance in damaging the Matrix Code.

When using the SpoolMaster to print the barcode on labels no new hardware is needed.
Data Matrix Code prints with the ISeries can now be done in a cost effective direct way.

The user prints the plain text into the Spool. SpoolMaster then creates the required Data Matrix Barcode which can be printed on any standard laser printer. SpoolMaster is also able to convert the Data Matrix Information to a PDF document for archiving the code. The Data Matrix is a two dimensional graphic Matrix Barcode with high memory capacity.

The size of the rectangle code is variable and depends on where it is used. For example on machinery parts or to mark containers. The symbols used in the Matrix are squares. To read the code the horizontal and vertical borderlines of the squares are used for orientation.

The Safe Code

With being able to use up to 3.100 characters this code offers a 100 times higher memory capacity as the usual one dimensional barcode.

Which means that information exceeding a simple article number can be stored in the code. For example
medical descriptions or insurance details.
HUK-COBURG is using the SpoolMaster system to print a data Matrix Barcode in the size of 5,6 x 5,6 mm.
Another feature is the excellent readability of the Matrix Code. Using the ECC or Red Solomon error correction and due to the high data redundancy the code can be reconstructed even if 65% has been destructed.
This system has been well proved and tested in the pharmaceutical and biomedical industry as well as with car manufacturers.