Spools for Logistics

08. April 2004

From AS/400 iSeries to the label printer

The Output Specialist ROHA offers label printing directly from AS/400 iSeries,
From now on the SpoolMaster software also converts Spools into data streams for Zebra and Meto printer. This enables the user to print labels in various sizes and quantities directly with these fast and durable printers.
Wherever labels in different sizes, especially small labels in various quantities need to be printed  nothing works better than a special label printer.
Companies, for example use these printers like Zebra or Meto printer for labelling of incoming stock, for declaration of products at the end of the production process or for outgoing shipments.
Users of the Output-Software SpoolMaster who already benefited from the Spool conversion for PCL-Standard printer are now also able to use the whole Output-Management capacity in the field logistic to easily convert, prepare and print.  For example for packaging units.
SpoolMaster uses iSeries Spools as input and converts these in ZPL2-Data Streams for Zebra printer.

The user has multiple print options:
Printing of Spool files with or without True Type Fonts or Zebra standard Fonts.
Printing of charts and logos
Printing of barcodes e.g. Code128 and Code39, EAN8 and EAN13 20F5 Standard and 20F Interleaved.

Also the functionalities of the SpoolMaster Dynamic Forms Language DFL are converted for Zebra printers, to ensure that variable scan texts, positions and conditions can be processed.

The user can set the required resolution in dpi. SpoolMaster also supports label cutting.
SpoolMaster also converts spools in SP40PDL data streams for Meto Label printer to print various fonts and barcodes.