An impressive solution for IMB AS/400


Prints like on PC

The SpoolMaster saves print costs and makes your data look good.  
Create prints like on a PC without complicated continuous forms with constantly ripped perforations.
Embed images, logos or signatures easily into your forms and never worry about unreadable prints.

SpoolMaster works cross media

Via SpoolMaster you can also process your data with PC applications like
MS Office, Fax applications, e-mail systems, web sites or backup systems

Existing applications stay unchanged

The SpoolMaster is easy to install and to configure without having to change your existing software and it works within your internal company network.
The SpoolMaster provides a clearly laid out interface for form editing.

Your clients are going to be impressed

Present your data in an up to date design and save time and money. SpoolMaster is the future orientated solution you can trust.
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