Processing - module

Processing Conditional & Logical Processing

This module dynamically designs the page layout on basis of the spool content. SpoolMaster Conditional Processing controls the layout of similar pages as well as of page segments (e.g. signatures). The program checks the content of pages, it uses - depending on the spool content read out by LP - both fix and dynamic forms, and allows different forms (e.g. front and back) for different pages. Tray changes, font changes, bold and underline are defined by this module and graphics can be dynamically positioned. A user exit for low-level-control is also available.

Logical Processing controls the positioning of data on a page. It saves page information to be applied on following pages. It even offers the possibility to collect data of printed pages in database tables or to print these tables as additional information on the page.

Information can flow dynamically between special page segments from page to page. Furthermore, a subsequent pagination can be inserted. Even table structures can be identified.

The SpoolMaster Business Graphics module can process information, collected by SpoolMaster Logical Processing, in order to create graphics.