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Processing Dynamic Forms Language DFL

The new Dynamic Forms Language DFL has not only the same functionality as Conditional & Logical Processing CLP but considerable enhancements. That is why DFL replaces CLP as of SpoolMaster Version 5.0.

DFL increases the dynamics and flexibility of the SpoolMaster enormously. Now you can create forms in relation to spool text. Positioning of page segments (e.g. images)  can be made relative to a search expression.  Without DFL the logo or signature is always placed at the same position. With DFL the position of a signature can be made relatively to the name of the person it belongs to.

DFL makes it easy to search for words or text fragments and to replace these with others. For example a number can be changed with a name. DLF allows you to create dynamic forms e.g. changing payment and delivery terms in relation to client number, date, etc.

DFL makes it possible to place page segments relative to the found search expression.

DFL offers numerous commands to control the selection of forms dynamically, that is dependent on the spool content: If there is a sheet among the pages differing from the defined form pages, SpoolMaster can overwrite the page with another form or inserts new inter-sheets. SpoolMaster identifies the forms selection dynamically according to search expressions in the spool.