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Processing Mail PC-Client

The module SpoolMaster Mail PC-Client allows the dispatch of e-mail from the AS400 via a PC-client communicating with the mail server via a MAPI-interface. Thus the AS400 does not have to be connected with the mail server.

As an attachment you can use documents of the following formats:

pure text,
RTF (with SpoolMaster RTF Writer),
PDF (with SpoolMaster PDF Writer),
DIF (with SpoolMaster DIF Writer)
HTM (with SpoolMaster HTML Writer).

Having once defined the mail-client at the PC, the spools can be sent automatically as e-mail from the AS400 via this mail-client, which is connected to a mail server. The same applies to fully automatic mass e-mail or periodic e-mail.

Addressee and text of the e-mail can be entered either manually or SpoolMaster extracts them automatically from the spool text.