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Processing Mail AS/400

SpoolMaster Mail AS/400 sends spool files fast and easily from the AS/400 via e-mail: You can send your spools including the merged electronic form via SMTP protocol in a less time-consuming and less expensive way.

For this direct e-mail dispatch you only need a TCP/IP connection from the AS/400 to the mail server.

As an attachment you can use documents of the following formats:

- either pure text,
- RTF (with SpoolMaster RTF Writer),
- PDF (with SpoolMaster PDF Writer),
- DIF (with SpoolMaster DIF Writer)
- HTM (with SpoolMaster HTML Writer).

SpoolMaster can send up to 25 attachments with one e-mail - you only need to enter the pathname.

Addressee, CC, BCC, subject and texts of e-mail can be entered either manually or SpoolMaster extracts them automatically from the spool text.

Up to 25 addressees, additionally 25 CC and 25 BCC addressees can be posted. The sender's address can be variable according to the spool file or it can be set fix.

Mail AS/400 is THE module for direct mailings.