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Processing Segmenter und Distributor

The SpoolMaster Segmenter and Distributor module controls the segmentation of large spool files into small parts which can then be processed separately. It also distributes spool files (or segments) among several output queues or into backup output queues.

Your set group change criterion (e.g. customer number) defines on witch position a new spool file starts. That's for example how you create numerous short spool files out of a 300 page Quality report which can be printed easily.

Spool files or their segments can be sent by SNA/DS to other systems such as AS/400,  S/36, PCs or systems/390. Further processing by using other SpoolMaster modules is possible.
SpoolMaster also supports TCP/IP LPR as well as NETBEUI.

The SpoolMaster Segmenter and Distributor module realizes the duplication of spool files as well as the connection to visual spool file archiving systems and to the SpoolMaster COLD Interface.