Basis - module

Basis SpoolMaster Basis

The Basis module is the central SpoolMaster processing point and has the following functions.

Automatic spool file processing for laser and impact printers without changing application programs

Automatic page size customisation (SpoolMaster Autofit)

Electronic forms on front and back

Copies sorted per page or copy (collated and non collated copies)

Recurring form sequences with access to different paper trays of a printer

Integration of images such as signatures, logos, and graphics

Double sided print for book or folder tracking (duplex and duplex tumble)

Printout of several logical pages, scaled down, on one physical page (multi-up)

SpoolMaster supports the protocols Twinax, APPC and TCP/IP. Client Access emulate PC printers can also be used without problems, as far as they support PCL.

The upgrading modules support some additional protocols and types of printers.