SpoolMaster for IBMi (AS/400)

SpoolMaster is THE IBMi solution to:

  • reduce printing costs
  • create and archive up to date printouts
  • create various types of electronic documents, like PDF, XLSX, TIFF, DOCX, XML, etc.
  • create and automaticylly send state of the art e-mails
  • replace expensive AFP-printers, and much more


Season's greetings

21. December 2017
ROHA wishes all customers and partners merry christmas and a very happy new year!

Modernization and progress are tradition at ROHA

23. July 2017
… for 20 years already.
The size of your company doesn’t matter for the classic output management solution SpoolMaster, only the amount of printouts is relevant.

Why SpoolMaster is so much more than just reducing your printing cost

21. July 2016
IBMs AS/400 machines have been used by companies for many years – especially when it’s about business critical areas and tasks. The high reliability of this platform is still indisputable.
A downside of the successful AS/400 is the graphical presentation of data, in case you want to change that you can use the popular output all-rounder from the Vienna software development company ROHA.

It is secure, fast and uncomplicated…

15. July 2009
…just like SpoolMaster, and it is the latest little addition to our team. From now on, our versatile Mini Cooper Combi will bring our support team even faster to you.

Essential SpoolMaster Security improvement

16. March 2009
The owner of SpoolMaster objects will be changed with the installation of PTF 4.00 to avoid security circumventions through SpoolMaster.

New version: Spoolmaster 5.1 released!

04. June 2008
We have been working on our successful output-allrounder for 10 years. For its most recent version we added many new features to make working with spool files even easier while providing several new functions. The new key features include the PDFA module for archiving documents, and the integrated TIFF-Writer module. Substantial improvements of existing features include sequencing and VFL.NET – a new version of “Visual Forms Language”. Find out more about the latest version of Spoolmaster 5.1.

Vienna’s calling for the winner…

10. July 2007
…and the winners from Germany came to the cultural capital of Vienna for an extended weekend.

Quoting two of our lucky winners when we asked them about their visit - “This trip to Vienna was an unforgettable and fascinating experience for us. Thanks to the Spoolmaster surprise package including a city guide, Vienna tickets, typical Viennese sweets from Manner and some pocket money, we were fully equipped for our journey through Vienna.”

Top grades for Spoolmaster

22. May 2007
On a school grading scale most ROHA clients rate Spoolmaster with an „A“. Our output management software excels at stability, functionality and user friendliness.

Not only the software itself, also our support is highly commended, according to our ROHA client survey of approximately 30% of all our clients in Germany and Austria.

Spoolmaster – your opinion counts

18. April 2007
News from Wolfgang M. Roser, CEO of ROHA Software Support GmbH: “We invited all our Spoolmaster clients to take part in our online survey and therefore help us find out how we can further improve our product and design it for their specific requirements. Our clients expect the best possible service, and we are providing this service.”

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